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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

The best in Oshawa kitchen cabinet painting team is at your service. We gather that you are planning to do something about these old or worn kitchen cabinets of yours. And you are likely thinking of having them painted. That’s an excellent choice. But since the quality of the paint coatings and the skills of the painters both make a difference, we’d suggest talking with our team too.

At Painter Oshawa, we boast of our expertise in such projects. And that’s a pretty good reason for assigning the project to us. You see, we are experienced with all kitchen cabinet materials and recommend the best finishes, painting techniques, and colors. Be sure that all painters assigned to such projects pay attention to each & every phase of the job, ensuring the utmost results. If you are considering kitchen cabinet refinishing in your Oshawa home in Ontario, don’t think about it. Find out more about such painting services and trust us with your project.

How to get started with kitchen cabinet painting in Oshawa

Kitchen Cabinet Painting Oshawa

If it’s time to inquire about kitchen cabinet painting, Oshawa homeowners should make contact with our team. Send us a message. Or, place a phone call to our team. To discuss your project extensively, and get a free no-obligation estimate & consultation, you should make an appointment. An Oshawa painting contractor will be there on time to check your kitchen and all cabinets, speak with you, offer color ideas and matching finish solutions, and provide an estimate. If you want to get started with a cabinet painting job, contact us.

Painting kitchen cabinets, the process

Although kitchen layouts and cabinets vary, they all consist of many sections which are all removed to be prepped and finished. From hardware to drawers and cabinet doors, the pros remove everything. Depending on the material, they clean, sand, and fix as needed, leaving the surface flawless and smooth enough to be painted properly.

Be sure that the ways to finish kitchen cabinets vary to meet each customer’s needs. And the cabinets’ requirements.

  •          Cabinet refinishing. If you want the outdated color of the kitchen cabinets updated, let us know. There’s a chance that the old paint is now peeling. Have no worries. Such problems are well taken care of during the prep phase. And the cabinets can be painted another or the same color.
  •          Cabinet painting. There’s a chance that the cabinets in your kitchen have a natural color and have never been painted before. If this is the time to bring some color to your kitchen, let’s talk about painting techniques, hues, and finishes.
  •          Cabinet staining. If you like your wooden cabinets but just like to protect them by having them stained, let us know. Be sure that the stain color may be clear, lighter, or darker.

The best Oshawa painters are ready to transform your kitchen

Kitchen cabinets are prepped thoroughly and always in accordance with the material’s requirements. Whether there’s a request for cabinet repainting, staining, or painting, the job is accurately carried out. Then, the cabinets are sealed to remain resistant for years. There’s no point in taking chances with this home improvement, especially when you already know the best painters in Oshawa. Contact us. If you want to discuss details about your kitchen cabinet painting, Oshawa contractors are at your service.