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Wallpaper Removal & Installation

How long have you been making short pauses in front of an ugly wallpaper thinking that its day would come? If you are considering wallpaper removal and installation in Oshawa, Ontario, don’t overthink things over. Removing wallpaper is not expensive and what you do next is entirely up to you. While some people want a new wallpaper installed, some simply want the wall painted. Whatever you want, you can leave it to Painter Oshawa and be sure it’s done to perfection.

Wallpaper removal & installation – Oshawa services

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Oshawa

So, what happens when you want wallpaper removal and installation? Oshawa pros come out to check the wallpaper and what needs to be done, talk with you, and offer an estimate depending on what you want. Getting a quote for the service needed doesn’t cost much and it’s an excellent opportunity for you to get answers to questions. If you like to make an appointment, go ahead.

The first phase of such projects involves wallpaper removal. The wallpaper is properly removed, despite the material. It’s fair to say that the materials differ and they are not all easy to take down, especially if the wall under the wallpaper was not properly prepped. Be sure that the pros work with the appropriate tools and with the utmost diligence to remove wallpaper down to the last piece.

Once the wallpaper is off, the wall is checked, cleaned, fixed, and prepped. There are quite a few steps before the wallpaper installation, as you can see. That’s because uneven sections, holes, cracks, and imperfections will compromise the proper installation of the wallpaper and won’t do justice to the motif. Not only do the pros address all glitches and prep the wall but also prime the surface to ensure good wallpaper adhesion and also easier removal – when the time comes. Since the experience but also the commitment of the wallpaper installer makes a difference, put your trust in us.

Removing wallpaper and painting walls

It’s now time to see the process of removing wallpaper and painting the wall. This is often the case, especially if you are tired of having wallpaper in the house or your interior design preferences have changed. In any case, the process of removing wallpaper is the same. Let us assure you that the pros do the wall repairs and all the prep work necessary – as mentioned above. Only this time, they finally prime and paint. If you decide not to install wallpaper, we talk about wall colors and painting techniques beforehand. We offer consultation to help you choose colors, methods, styles, and finishing coatings. And we always do so based on where the wall is found, the possible requirements, and your personal taste.

Got one or more walls covered with wallpaper you hate or are considering removing wallpaper due to damage? If so, don’t think about it too much. Why should you when you can easily learn about the process and the cost of Oshawa wallpaper removal and installation or wall painting? Turn to us without hesitation.